Super long thoughts on technology through "Black Mirror"



So, I started watching “Black Mirror” on netflix.

I started a free trial this month and I have already become an addict which I did’t know what to do before I started watching this show. Now I’m even scared to sit in front of my laptop. (but still not enough I guess, I’m typing on my laptop and planning to facetime my friend in Korea later!)




I'm in my first episode of Season 2. This show is creepy real to every core and that’s what it makes it even more creepy because it can be real. And it is real. A reality we haven’t seen yet. But at the same time, it shows the things we’ve become too used to and shines a light on how this technology is gobbling up society. It’s one of the reasons I love dystopian settings, novels, films and so on.


First of all, I’ll introduce my love and interest for technology and science. Seriously, I check all the new gadgets, new software and what it can do. I go to bookstore and check the science area where it shows the latest trends and development. I look around the city to spot new systems being installed and how it’s being used. But my main focus is not only the technology itself but in how technologies are affecting, changing the way we behave and think. That’s why I took Science, Technology and Society in my first term of uni. I wanted to know how this big thing that’s covering nearly every aspect of our lives are functioning and what are the consequences as well as the benefits.




“Black Mirror” shows one complete story every episode. It captures a high technological near future, where every data is controlled online and are thriving. We, human beings live somewhat a slave of those developed technologies and we cannot escape the consequences the convenient and useful technologies gives us. It explores all kind of areas. All of the gadgets and the settings seems almost like our current reality but the tech is more advanced and put to practical use.


Every memories being recorded by a chip implanted in our brains and can be replayed anytime. A society controlled and only the top percent living freedom. An AI system that can recreate of a dead person from all his online footprints.


All stories are daunting, scary and too real. It gives you shiver and makes you want to throw your smartphones at the wall and stop you from posting things on the internet. And yet here I am, typing these words on my blog where literally billions of people can access to. It is difficult to realise danger and fear until it’s really there, right in your face. 


Everything becoming easy and handy seems like a good thing and that’s what we seem to be aiming for every time I see the new ad for the more high-specked, slim and shiner new phones and cars that hardly make any sound anymore.


When did things become so much like this?

Can you imagine, a few decades ago, having a phone you can carry around

was a miracle and look now! I can talk to my friends seeing each others face! 

The development has been way too fast for our past history to catch up.

Development, or so they say, isn’t always a good thing.



Our mental state and minds are definitely not in sync with the rapid

accumulation of data and the technology buzz. In fact, now is the time

to actually stop and face what we have made, and what we’ve become.


Technology have developed through many factors

but war and international conflict plays a big role.

The military industrial complex was an idea developed and cautioned by

President Eisenhower starting around and after WWll.

It’s where governments funded projects for a stronger weapons and technologies to defeat the enemy. Scientists, engineers developed new equipment, technology and biological enhancement in order to compete.

It played a crucial role to get us where we are now.




Thanks(?) to this, now we can easily track ourself on google map, go to space and have networks everywhere, get online and check twitter or whatever we do there. It once was a military use and we can easily forget that when they are wrapped up in nice logos and designs and becomes part of you’re life, always being there and you cannot imagine life without it. Or that it becomes more accessible and now we have companies developing space travel.


Yes, it is so much easier to go online and scroll down, fly through the links than go outside and have a nerve wrecking chat with your not-so-close-friends or that you might just want to kill time on the train. 

Everything is fast and efficient, nothing wasted. I love seriously I’ve ordered like a million of books plus other stuff on there. It’s fast and cheap. And yes, I loved twitter (yeah it’s a bit of a past tense for me) I’ve met some of my real close friend there too. So technology development isn’t all that bad. I mean, I’m benefiting greatly now aren’t I? Being able to publish this meaningless essay like this to out to the whole world (I know only a handful of people are reading this), yes that’s a big thing.


However, even though this text and words are shown online, the things written, my brain thought about it, ,my hands jotted some ideas down onto my moleskine using pen and paper and the sheets are filled with crappy handwritings, arrows and mistakes (lot’s of them!) I try not to use automatic correction because it freaks me out when I start writing my journal and essay ideas on paper.


Things can become easy as much as it wants to.

But try to remember, that we have to understand how everything around us can affect our emotions. And that’s not just by knowing it as knowledge but really understanding what it is.




Connecting with nature, looking at the sky and determining the weather from the temperature, the wetness of the air and the wind. Cooking meals from the seasonal ingredients. Using a paper dictionary. Talking with people face to face. Writing letters with pen and paper. Lying on the grass. Walk around new places without your phone or just take a paper map. Go into some random cafe. Take pictures with a film camera. Be excited when things take time.


There’s a word in Japanese, Mendokusai (めんどくさい) meaning like tiresome,

bothersome, kind of a nuance with “I can’t be bothered doing such tiresome things”


I think now, we have to make ourself do things that are Mendokusai. 

Everything around us may develop, but we can always choose.


The choice is ours.

As long as we have the will and the mind to keep choosing,

things are going to be alright I guess.


Hopefully. Things needs to be balanced.