I’ve been thinking of what “life” is recently.

It’s interesting how every single person on this planet is living a different life. No matter how similar, it is different. Their minds, background, friends and families, physically and mentally. Actions are taken, difference is embraced and suppressed, hate and love is always at each others corner. It is a chaos, and that’s what life is made of. I think.


My mind is a chaos and I love that even though it’s not always a good thing.

Getting emotional breakdowns nearly every time I feel like my own life is nothing can be hard and I wish that things would be simpler. Thinking about the things you cannot do anything about and wanting to scream at the top of your lungs, that feeling is a torture.  But at the same time I love the way the endless thoughts getting tangled with each other, the words colliding, dreams and goals constantly changing and everything is a total mess.


A mess it may be, but it is what I call life and how I want it to be.


I am at a big turning point in my life and there is a decision that I must make now, going into the new year and I am asking myself everyday whether I should do this or not. Possibilities are all laid out in front of me and all I need to do is pick one up and do it.


There is a favourite quote of mine from a poem called The Summer Day by my favourite poet Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


Life is wild. It is a chaos. Everything is, wherever you go, and you can do anything with it if you chose to. The moments we live this very second is one piece of a string, and that is being weaved every time I move my hands over the key and my mind trying to find the right word for the things I want to say.


I have so much I want to say. So many stories I want to tell.


Do it then. Do them all, right now. Let the imagination flow, the words written down, hearts dancing, adventures just around the corner.


Chaos is not a mess. It is a mess, which is called life.