sometimes life gives you reality Day TWENTY

I'd like to think that I choose my own destiny and my own path. Because what would life be if everything was planned according to some script scenario that somebody else wrote? 
But sometimes when the reality is too hard to face we blame it on such thing as a destiny or 'meant to be'. We can say that such things were meant to have happened so there was nothing I could do about that. Well the truth is, no matter how hard everything can be, only we are the cause of everything that's ever happened in our lives. Yes, there maybe environments, influence from others but the last decision to take that into yourself is up to you. And you chose it so here you are. 
I like the idea of  bumping into something that raises your spirit and day dream of meeting someone who are meant to be with you. 
But if you want that, you have to start believing and seeing it. I am still trying to grasp this idea and sometimes it seems almost impossible. And in the few seconds or minutes in a day, I see the life as it is, the result of what I imagined are there right in front.
I want so many things and I believe that I can get them somehow.