the existence of "someday" Day ELEVEN


Lately I started thinking about how we only have a limited time to live in this world.

And although that's truer then any truth, it also gives me this question of 

the satisfaction in life that we all have. Some people might be loving life 

so much right now that they'd like to live in this moment forever and on the

other hand some might be dying to fade out from this world in hope for a 

better world. We are all living and sharing the same moment and yet, we

each have a differenet definition towards 'time' and 'life'.


The title I've given today is what I realised quite recentley.

I am the laziest person you can find. I'm not good at keeping up with schedule,

I can hold onto my phone for hours when I should be studying and I tend to forget important things that I should be doing and lose the focus point.

And the problem is that I know so well of how bad I'm doing and I still can't seem

to fix the problem. This all resulted in kind of a big crash for me these past few

days. I have so much on my mind and at the same time I seem to have so little

time. And I got scared and panicked, and tried to throw them all away. 


Then I suddenly came up with this solution which is that no matter how

chaos your life seems right now this moment, it's not going to last forever.

and I know that I should be doing so many things right now but not being

able to grasp the right timing and I see myself constantly waiting for life to

start any other day. But the truth is, you have to start your life, right now,

not someday in the future. This connects to the limited time talk I did in the

opening of this article. Limited time makes us value the things we have now.

When we're young, we seem to think everything can go on forever, (I'm still

nineteen just so you know!!!) but in reality, there's never going to be the 'start'

of life unless you decide to live your life now.


We all say someday, yeah I might want to do this and that but now I can ask

them why wait? Why consider what others will think of you when you know

in your heart that time is limited and this could be the only chance to do this.

Why suffer through hard time at school when you have so much potential at

something totally different? Society doesn't control your life. Each of us do. 


I know there's so much excuse you can make about this and I know this isn't

everything but it helped me realise that I dont't have to wait. I can start anything

right this moment if I chose to. And this falls down to the fact that we have the 

choice to choose wherther we want to start living now or later.


I choose now.