to be honest... Day NINE


to be honest, I feel like diving into my cozy bed and read all night

rather then trying to come up with something to write on my blog, 

the thirty-day-challenge which I started to prove that even I can do

something for thirty days. I am nearly failing every night, tired from 

working and everything else in my life and I feel like throwing out all

this. But here I am sitting infront of my laptop, playing and repeating

the same playlist songs for this month.

Now I'm playing Close by Lewis Watson.


Anyways, I felt like writing in English tonight, or just that I was too tired

to come up with something to write in Japanese. Somehow I feel like I 

have to write something important when it's in Japanese. I'm better at

English when writing casual letters and journal/blog entries.


Gosh, I really have nothing to write, even in English.

Well I'll just list up some of my fantasy, crazy, (and when I say crazy, I mean it!)

dreams and things I'd like to do someday, somewhere. There'll be ten. (for now)


1. Travel to every single country that exists in this planet.

2. Write and publish a book in English, Japanese (and possibly Chinese when

I actually get to aquire it as my third language! )

3. Own a cafe

4. Visit every location from my favourite films.

5. Meet every single authors and directors I worship.

6. Become a chef

7. Run a big business to support children and women

8. Play the piano, guitar, cello and the drum.

9. Own your own house in three locations in New Zealand

10. Run my own cinema.


Ok, when I re-read them it sounds pretty dumb.

But these sort of thing reflect what kind of a person each are because

it bares out the real inner desires and therefore brings out your inner self.


I have lots more to talk about if it can be all what I want to to.

But for now, I'll leave it here and will go to bed with my precious books.


Good night and have  a lovely weekend!!!